CallerDetails – My Android App

CallerDetails shows contact details saved against a contact such as organization email address note etc in a toast message whenever there is an incoming call. If you have not set these fields for a contact toast will not be shown.

In order to add contact details go to mobile Contacts and add contact fields such as Organization Nickname Email etc.






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My First Android App “MyGoals”

After having seen a lot of buzz about Android over the last few years, I always wanted to dive into android development. The main motive behind it is that it is open source and a lot of potential the moment it was out. I really like android platform, I have android based mobile as well and we have every kind of app available on its app market. I found some time to dig into android development and made my very first android app named My Goals made with native Java.

In my last article, I had shared GoodTodo app which can be used to set ToDos in your browser; here is My Goals app that you can use to set your todos or goals via mobile as well: