Magic Dialer – My First J2ME Application

Today, I introduce my very first JavaME (old name J2ME) application made of course using Java. I have named it Magic Dialer and the actual screenshot of the application can be seen on the left which was run through Java wireless toolkit. This is actually an application I always wanted to create for mobile but I never managed time for that. However, I am happy that I managed some time for it and went on to developing that at last.

What It Does?

It provides you with free pre-paid card balance !! Yes, you got it right, it tries to get you free balance.  For the moment, it works only for Pakistani cellular services as I have not included other world-wide cellular services because of the fact that I have created this application for my personal use and I am not interested in any service which is not supported where I live.

I know what this application does is not lawful and that’s exactly why I am not going to share this application or its source code with anyone but rather use it personally. I just wanted to share what I have created recently.

How It Works?

I don’t know about rest of the countries but here in Pakistan, you can load a pre-paid card using format something like this:


where x represents a number and first three numbers (in between asterisk signs) are the identifier codes for a particular cellular service and always remain the same. The other numbers (14 x) are what you get when you scratch a pre-paid card, so they are random numbers but of course cellular services do use some algorithm/sequence scheme behind it which is not disclosed to anyone at any cost. I don’t know about that scheme either 😦

What software does is that it creates 14 random numbers when you press the Generate button. Once number is generated, I simply press the Call button on the application to request the card load from the target cellular services and that’s it.

Success Ratio And Probability

If you have been good at math, you know there is a huge probability when number is as long as 14 digits. So basically, this software tries to generate different random 14 digits each time you press the Generate button and if one is lucky enough, there is balance for free.


One thought on “Magic Dialer – My First J2ME Application

  1. Please can you post here or send the code to my email ( so that your ideia can shared with the world. i’ll be so thank if you post it. thanks “learn to share, learn shering “…PVG

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