HTML5Sticky – Sticky Notes for the Web!

Well, yes, it has been quite a long time since I wrote the last post and that is mainly because I have been very busy at my job which didn’t allow me to write about the ideas that do come in my mind that I think I need to blog about.

Today there is a lot of buzz about HTML5 because it is really cool and a lot of front-end engineers and developers are already using it despite the fact that it isn’t fully supported by all browsers – only latest standard-compliant browsers support it, IE till version 9 does not support it and that isn’t shocking because it is “IE”, however, people have made some hacky scripts such as HTML5 Shiv to get support of HTML5 in IE. HTML5 is formally supported in version 10 of IE though. For more information about the supported features in each browser, you should head over to:

When can I use…

I have recently created a useful application using HTML5 and jQuery named HTML5Sticky. The HTML5Sticky is as the name suggests, HTML5 application you can use to create sticky notes. The sticky notes are persistent in nature meaning your created sticky notes will be there the next time you open up the app. The app uses HTML5’s localStorage feature in order to store the sticky notes.. In short, it is sticky notes for web !

Here are its features:

  • Add text and lists with basic HTML tags
  • Multiple colors
  • Customize Width and Height
  • Customize Allowable HTML tags
  • Real sticky notes look
  • Nice hand-writing-like font

You can view/download/fork the source code at github here.

And here is the demo.

HTML5Sticky featured on famous DailyJS.

One thought on “HTML5Sticky – Sticky Notes for the Web!

  1. Hi this sticky notes works perfectly if all users use the same web interface. If I add sticky note using chrome and new users comes to the web site with IE of FireFox the sticky notes I added before do not appear in their browser, its only once they use the same browser that they can see the notes I added before. Is there any work around for it etc.?

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