About Me

Hello, this is Sarfraz Ahmed, a web developer with more than five years of industry experience. On this blog, I share my ideas about various web development trends and technologies.

You are heartily welcomed to browse through this blog and provide with your feed back and comments so as to make this blog a better place.

22 thoughts on “About Me

    • thanks dear, to be honest, your blog became the source of inspiration for me, although initially i used to think that i won’t be able to publish anything due to lack of time or busyness in job, etc.

      Anyways, thanks
      Keep Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. (I tried to post this to your post http://www.instantshift.com/2010/07/16/create-simple-dropdown-menu-using-jquery/.. but it didnt let me post there.. although i tried to tell it that 9+4 is 13 but.. any way.. im pasting my comment here.. please reply)

    Hi sarfraz.. thankyou for this simple post.. it works well but when i remove my cursor from parent menu.. without hovering it over the sublinks.. the dropdown of sublinks doesnt disapear. . thats looks bad.. so i have to bring my mouse back and hover it on sublinks and then remove it so it can roll back.. please tell me some solution.. i need to use it..

    waiting for ur reply

    • @Sara:

      Hi, thanks for liking it. As far as I remember, some other guy had talked about the same issue and I had posted a fix for it in my comments on instantshift. Thanks

  2. Hei Iam new to jQuery , saw ur some blog entries its very nice ,could u able to help me in jquery autocomplete, Iam trying to show the “No match results in dropdown” how can i modify my code had tried but its not working ,

    Here is the code , could u please suggest

    window.onload = (function () {
    try {
    $(document).ready(function () {
    var data = [“japan”, “joe” ,”pakistan”, “iran”, “iraq”, “india”, “norge”];

    $(‘input#autocomplete’).result(function (event, data, formatted) {
    //$(‘#result’).html(!data ? “No match!” : “Selected: ” + formatted);
    $(“”).html(!data ? “No match found!” : “Selected: ” + formatted).appendTo(“#result”);
    }).blur(function () {

    } catch (e) { }

  3. Hi Sarfraz Ahmed, I have really enjoyed learning from you and others here. Where are you, where have you been? You have inspired me to learn more to help my own business. At 43 years of age, I was sort of slow starting because I thought it would be difficult to learn all this, but I’m doing pretty good. Thanks and I’m glad I found you here.

  4. hi dear,
    well man, i need guide line from you,
    i am trying a code , that will take first 10 urls of images searched in google image search, and will save it in mysql database. i am trying to code this in php,
    can you help me some?
    i dont want to learn complete API’s for this task.
    help me if you can

  5. Bhai I am impressed by your profile on Stackoverflow . I wish you best of luck and many successes in the future and also hope you’ll do something for our country too ..

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