Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin Template

Previously I had shared an admin template which was custom-made. Today I share an admin template based on popular Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS framework. It has a lot of benefits such as responsive design, response images, a host of ready-made styles and icons that you can use.  Take a look at some of the images in below given gallery, click to see in full view:

Go ahead and download it here and have fun 🙂


My First Web Layout in Photoshop

Photoshop is undoubtedly an authority and unbeatable piece of software so far  to create all sorts of layouts, drawings, digital art and more. I would rather say, you are limited by your own imagination when it comes to creating the stuff using this great software out there.

I have always been interested in creating web layouts using photoshop but unfortunately have never been able to give it time because of busyness in various things. Web design? well, it needs practice, but whenever I start off with it, I step back soon  because of less time or giving more time to the research related to web development trends and technologies, something what I do primarily. You got it right, looks like my fault for not managing time for that.

Today, however, I managed some time for the photoshop, started off creating a web layout, and guess what I created my very first web layout in about 2+ hours. As far as I am concerned, it looks great to me considering that this is my first layout. I also do believe that I do possess the aesthetic sense after going through a lot of web layouts while developing a number of websites.

I would love to have feedback and comments from experienced designers out there which can help me spot where I could have been better in that particular layout and where do they rank it considering my first layout.

This is where you can download and preview my full web layout.