Flag of Pakistan with pure CSS

With no much work on the first day in new company I have joined, a sudden thought of creating Pakistan’s flag with pure CSS came into my mind. So I started off with that and came up with the desired result using CSS only.

See the Flag of Pakistan

Creating orange stick, white and green rectangles with specified background color was easiest part. As for moon, naturally I used the border-radius CSS3 property. Basically I created two divs with border-radius value set to 90px to create perfect round shape (360/4 = 90). I gave the background color of white and green to these divs and used absolute positioning and z-index to put green round shape over the white round shape but at little distance so that the white div looks like a moon. I would suggest you to know this very usefulĀ  CSS trick, something I knew about and used throughout the creation of the flag.

Absolute Positioning Inside Relative Positioning

You know CSS3 isn’t supported in IE<=8, so I used CSS3Pie to get the support for border-radius CSS3 property in IE including IE6.

The trickiest part was creating the star shape but then again once you know how to create CSS triangles, things become easier. To get the star working correctly in buggy as always IE, I used the CSS conditional comments. The star looks slightly bigger in IE but still not bad the effort.

The flag was tested working fine in FF 3.6, IE 6 and above, Chrome and Safari.

Download Source

Paypal Alternative

PayPal has become an authority as payment processor. It is most widely used payment system today. Businessmen and Freelancers use it regularly to send/receive payments.

Unfortunately (or sadly) Paypal does not support Pakistan despite a number of efforts done by the Pakistani businessmen and freelancers in the form of contacting Paypal and “We want Paypal In Pakistan” campaigns on various sites such as Facebook and more. Apart from Pakistan, there many other countries that are not supported yet by the Paypal.


What are alternatives to paypal?

The fact is that there is no real alternative existent to paypal because it there to be used by the buyers in rich countries of the world. This said, if you can ensure the service buyer to pay you through some other methods then you do have quite some options to digg out for.

1 – Traditional Methods

You can opt out traditional payment ways like T/T, wire, western union, etc. You can process big amounts using these traditional ways too.

2 – AlertPay

AlertPay is a very good payment method to send and receive amount in Pakistan. With Alerypay, you can withdraw your amount using check, bank transfer and bank wire. I would recommend you to go for Alertpay which does support Pakistan payment processings.

3 – MoneyBookers

With MoneyBookers, you can receive your amout in UBL, MCB within 4 to 5 days. However, MoneyBookers is not accepted by most merchants out there and it does not accept Master Cards (It supports Visa Cards though).

4 – 2CO

2CO allows you to accept paypal payments. It also has invoicing option which you can send to your clients by email. You withdraw amount from 2CO using Master Card, check or wire transfer to bank account of yours. You can not use the same 2CO account on multiple sites! There are some restrictions on selling of products too.

5 – Plimus

Plimus is another payment processor pretty much similar to 2CO. However, unlike 2CO, you can use it’s account on multiple sites. It can also be used to take payments from paypal. As for money withdrawl, you can go for check, bank wire. Plimus deducts some commission to transfer funds.