PHPExecute – PHP Code Runner

Often times, you quickly need to test some PHP code. To do so, you create a file, put it in web root folder, write some code in it, open its URL and then you see its output. This is kind of lot of work and I often need a way to quickly test my PHP code. This requirement made me create my own code testing tool, PHPExecute.

PHPExecute is the fastest way to test PHP code. You write the code, hit the execute button, an ajax request is triggered and you see the output fast without page refresh. Here are some of the cool things about it:

  • Very fast way to test your code
  • Nice friendly interface
  • Code  Highlighting
  • Useful PHP, system information panel
  • Saving favorite code snippets
  • Adding useful classes
  • Easy to extend as per your needs


Extending PHPExecute

The good thing is that you can download (see below) it, see its source code and extend it however you like according to your needs. For example, you can add classes for testing, performance or any other purpose. One can even integrate bash commands (I am not going into details of that) to make it even more useful tool to work with.

Usage Notes

  • PHPExecute uses eval function to run the code. It is strongly recommended that you should use that tool for local testing only and not on production server due to security reasons. If you do, you use it on your own risk.
  • In order to save snippets, PHPExecute uses localStorage feature which is available in latest browsers (and IE9+) only and also it can be around 5MB in size. This isn’t that ideal if you are going to save a lot of snippets but you can always extend PHPExecute to add database support and save your snippets there.
  • The custom functions that can be used in PHPExecute can be found in includes/functions.php file. You can add any functions in that file that you want to use directly inside PHPExecute. The custom functions can also be seen in PHP Info > User Defined Functions.


Download PHPExecute at Github

I hope PHPExecute turns out to be a useful tool for you. Please do share if you add anything to it via comments so that we could know it and integrate ourselves too :)

Testing WordPress Themes Easily

In this post, I am going to show you how to test your new wordpress theme easily with two handy plugins made just for that purpose.

If you are a wordpress theme designer, you know you have to do a lot to actually test your new wordpress theme. For example, you have to write articles of variable length, submit comments, write down tags for each of those posts, create new pages and more to see how things look like after you have ample content there on your new wordpress theme. In fact, few days back, I designed a brand new wordpress theme for a site I am planning to go live with and I was lucky enough that I stumbled upon these two great wordpress plugins. Fine, let’s move on to see our first wordpress plugin that makes life a lot easier.

Theme Test Drive

The theme test drive wordpress plugin enables you to test any theme easily as an administrator of the blog. Your visitors will still see your default or already-chosen theme. This will happen completely behind the scenes and your visitors won’t see that you have actually changed the theme. The other good thing is that if a particular theme supports some options, you can test them just as well by enabling them from the admin side.

Download Plugin

WP Dummy Content

This is pretty useful plugin to test your new theme instantly. One of the biggest pain of wordpress theme development is that after you have created it, you have to write bunch of post to see how your theme behaves.

With WP Dummy Content, you can create any number of pages, sub-pages and post for your new theme easily just with a single button press. The titles and content are automatically created for you as well. And yes you have have few options as to the length and type of the content:

  • One click content creation
  • Choose type of content to insert including single paragraph, multi paragraphs, styled lists and random content.
  • Delete all content with one click.

I hope this post turns out to be useful for the wordpress theme designers. And finally, do let us know if you know of some other similar plugins through your comments or feed back.

Download Plugin


Here are some of the more plugins with good ranking you can use for testing/previewing your themes: