I am an author on other famous sites !

I am pretty excited today because my very first post Create Simple Dropdown Menu Using jQuery has been approved on famous instantshift.com. In a matter of few hours, my post was tweeted and socialized/bookmarked on social/bookmarking networks with good numbers and still increasing, good feedback coming from all around !

In fact, I really like this idea of writing articles for various famous sites. It boosts and markets you or your company tremendously. Other than that, they also pay you for your articles, the payment varies on popularity and quality of the article and content. My first article was approved with fairly good amount I believe. I am all set to writing articles for those famous sites related to my expertise that is PHP, ASP 3.0, jQuery, CSS, HTML, Ajax, Javascript and more.

If you have expertise in web design or web development field and possess good writing skills, give yourself a go ! It is really worth of it, there are a lot of benefits in writing articles for such famous sites.

Happy Blogging !