Send SMS To Any Network In Pakistan For Free

After a looooooooot of time, I got my hands dirty with Visual Basic 6 and created this little but very useful software named Pak SMS Messenger. You can use this software to send SMS messages to just about any network of Pakistan absolutely free.

As far as I am concerned, I rarely use this software because I don’t send SMS messages usually but this software is definitely going to be useful for those who send hundreds of messages on the regular basis like some of my friends wasting a lot of time, money and possibly energy in sending a host of messages to their girl friends on the daily basis.

Another more useful aspect of this is when there is somebody living abroad and wants to send messages. If they have a registered SIM here in Pakistan, they can send you messages through their registered SIMs by specifying their number in From field of the software.

The software actually sends the SMS messages through the service of In fact, I did not take the  permission from them (sorry for that) and used their service to create this software but in a way, I am sort of promoting their service because with each message that you send with this software, there is a text at the bottom of that message showing that this message was sent through Anyways, thanks to very useful service of them.

So go ahead and have some FuN time 🙂

Download Software


Note: This software seems to work currently. If changes something in their service, it might not work then.